One-Year Anniversary

Limbitless Solutions - 1 Year Anniversary






Limbitless Solutions Interior
Limbitless Solutions Interior

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Congratulations to our favorite superheroes, Limbitless Solutions, on a successful first year in your new facility!

RLF is proud to have partnered with Limbitless Solutions on the design of their facility at the University of Central Florida, helping to improve capacity and critical functionality to prepare for and support the organization’s growth.


As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Limbitless Solutions’ new facility, we’re inspired anew by the company’s mission.

RLF is thrilled to have contributed by designing the facility at the University of Central Florida. We look forward to more stories of restored hope and improved lives thanks to the Limbitless team’s care and dedication.

Be sure to watch for tomorrow’s post as we wrap up our week’s celebration!


Why select a design firm that includes architecture, engineering, and interior design? As we prepared to celebrate Limbitless Solutions’ one-year anniversary in their new facility at the University of Central Florida, we asked Limbitless Solutions President Albert Manero II and Branding Director Mrudula Peddinti how working with RLF’s integrated team was beneficial to the success of their facility.

We’re happy to know that having a well-designed space has facilitated Limbitless Solutions’ design and manufacturing process, creating an efficient flow of traffic through the facility and making their process as smooth as possible — factors that directly affect the success of their mission.