One-Year Anniversary

AdventHealth Winter Park Emergency Department






Written by

Melissa Marshall, MHA, BSN, RN, CCRN, NE-BC

This vital project brought new life and increased functionality to the facility through revitalized waiting spaces, pediatric- and senior-specific features, enhanced organization and the addition of behavioral health and trauma treatment spaces.

In keeping with AdventHealth’s emphasis on community, RLF was sensitive to the facility’s location within a neighborhood, carefully integrating this state-of-the-art emergency department into the surrounding area’s aesthetics.

The new facility also includes tributes to Winter Park’s beloved culture and heritage. The interior design features artwork that captures local nature scenes, weaving the rich history and extraordinary beauty of the city into the hospital environment. Even the wayfinding component of the building took its cue from the city’s focus on the arts. The facility is easy to locate thanks in part to an entryway art installation by Orlando artist JEFRË.

RLF is proud to have played a role in shaping Winter Park’s Lakemont Avenue health corridor for generations. The original healthcare building, which was demolished to make room for the current emergency department building, was designed by RLF founder James Gamble Rogers II in 1951. To be selected to design the facility’s renovation and expansion 63 years later was truly an honor for our team.

When RLF designs healthcare facilities, we place special emphasis on seeking out and genuinely listening to the perspectives of the healthcare workers who will call the facility home. AdventHealth Winter Park Emergency Department nurses were exceptionally helpful in working with us to fine-tune the design of the new facility, providing valuable insight into how each area of the building would be used and what features would prove most beneficial to patients and the healthcare team.

“When planning the architectural and interior design of the Winter Park Emergency Department renovations, RLF listened carefully to AdventHealth's team of nurses when we expressed our day-to-day needs. RLF equipped our facility with helpful features and logical organization that continues to contribute to the operational functionality of our work environment. These features benefit our patients as well as our nurses, providing efficiencies that result in an improved patient experience.”
Melissa Marshall, MHA, BSN, RN, CCRN, NE-BC
Director of Emergency Services, AdventHealth

This unique, high-performing ER reflects the care of its nursing staff in its design, and to those of us at RLF, that’s exactly how it should be.

The new contemporary and bright 30-bed ER offers an exceptional level of care. The first and only ER in Central Florida designed for seniors, the AdventHealth Winter Park Emergency Department includes a wide variety of senior amenities and resources, including thicker pressure-reducing mattresses, high-back chairs for enhanced comfort and mobility, often-needed items such as magnifying glasses and hearing amplifiers, and warm blankets for patients and their loved ones. The facility, which is staffed by a team of physicians and clinicians with specialized training in geriatric emergency medicine, also provides a Senior ER Care Coordinator to assist seniors in identifying and navigating their healthcare needs.

In addition to providing enhanced care for seniors, the AdventHealth Winter Park ER is a designated stroke center, offering advanced tools, procedures and treatments designed specifically for strokes. The ER also includes private rooms, a child-friendly waiting area, state-of-the-art trauma rooms, a decontamination room and behavior health rooms. Staff-friendly features include motion sensor-activated door openers, advanced organization of tools and supplies and improved sightlines to provide unobscured observation of public spaces.