Passionate and engaged, RLF’s leaders emphasize teamwork and integrity across the board. Approachable and accessible, they model teamwork by being great team members themselves, working alongside employees to offer expertise and help accomplish project goals. Company leaders also consistently embrace a servant leadership mentality that promotes authenticity, transparency and honesty both within the company and in our service to our clients.

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As a people-centered company, RLF emphasizes employee health and well-being — from providing genuine support for work-life balance to sponsoring a variety of get-togethers and events to ensure opportunities to relax and enjoy the company of teammates and friends. RLF’s internal motto is "work hard, play hard,” and we do both with enthusiasm and commitment.

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RLF is a fully integrated team of architects, engineers, interior designers and planners that share a passion for creating exceptional spaces through architecture. Our integrated approach provides a variety of benefits for the client. Working with a full-service firm simplifies the design process for the client, who, with a single phone call, can gain immediate access to information on every aspect of the design. Our one-team approach also offers better integration between disciplines, with all team members invested equally in working together to ensure the quality, accuracy and timeliness of the design. In addition, with fewer barriers to communication, our disciplines collaborate more – and with increased collaboration come more opportunities to coordinate every detail, ultimately resulting in a more consistent and refined design.


When James Gamble Rogers II opened a branch of his father’s architecture firm in 1928 in Winter Park, Florida, he took the next step in his journey as one of the twentieth century’s most celebrated architects in Florida and beyond. A few years later, after passing the Florida Board of Architecture examinations in 1935, he opened his own practice, and the journey of the firm that would become RLF began.

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