I-4 Ultimate Art Endowment Program

Rhythmic Colors






As part of the I-4 Ultimate Art Endowment Program, the City of Winter Park unveiled “Rhythmic Colors,” an art installation designed by RLF. The sculpture is located at the northeast corner of the Fairbanks Avenue and I-4 intersection in Winter Park. 

Answering the call for entries for the I-4 Ultimate Art Endowment Program, RLF’s Steven Kyle Purcell and Jocelynn White drew upon the iconic architecture and distinct colors of Winter Park to create a modern art installment that honors the city’s rich history and landscape while acknowledging its present diversity and looking forward to its vibrant future. 

For Purcell and White, it was important to make a respectful nod at the past, weaving it deftly into the city’s diverse present with an installation that will be a long-lasting icon. They drew their inspiration from their surroundings, but instead of directly adopting the city’s traditional features—rich brick streets and facades, peacocks, and old Florida buildings and landscapes—they opted to photograph those elements, arrange them side by side, and extract a cross section of their dominant colors onto a series of steel pipes shaped and configured to suggest both movement and progression. 

“Rhythmic Colors” consists of 68 18-foot steel pipes anchored in concrete foundations. Creating dynamic patterns in concert with light and shadow, the installation offers drivers and pedestrians an impressionistic panorama of the city in motion. Viewed from above, the installation resembles a strand of Winter Park DNA, a marker of its past and a signpost of its future.