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The New Fort Irwin Hospital Project Is Underway


Watch the progress of the new Fort Irwin Hospital Project. Designed by Ellerbe Becket and RLF, and constructed by Turner Construction, this new 216,000 square foot facility will replace the current 40-year-old hospital. When completed, the facility is designed to achieve a LEED platinum rating, the first hospital in the Army to achieve this prestigious [...]

Using Building Information Modeling to Design the Nation’s First Carbon-Neutral Hospital

FCS: Healthcare | CLNT: US Army | PROJ: Weed Army Community Hospital

This project will replace an aging healthcare facility with a full-service inpatient community hospital and outpatient clinic. We are scheduled to complete work in only 40% of the time a comparable government project would require. Several factors are enabling us to meet this accelerated timeline, including a history of work between the government and RLF, [...]

Landmark Energy Savings at Olin Library

FCS: Education and Sustainability | CLNT: Rollins College | PROJ: Olin Library

On its opening day in 1985, more than 1,000 of the Rollins community gathered to observe what could very well be the most important event in modern Rollins history – the dedication of the new Olin Library. Made possible by a grant from the Olin Foundation, the new library was tailor-made for Rollins College in [...]

Elevating the Arts at Lake Highland Preparatory School

FCS: Education | CLNT: Lake Highland Preparatory School | PROJ: Harriett Coleman Center for the Arts

When RLF was tasked with designing a new performing arts center for Lake Highland Preparatory School, a prominent K-12 school in downtown Orlando, designers were faced with very tight site constraints due to setbacks, existing utilities, and an anchoring four-acre lake. The performing arts facility was to reflect both the school’s excellence and vision for [...]

Environmentally Sensitive Campus Development

FCS: Healthcare | CLNT: US Army | PROJ: Dewitt Army Community Hospital / CEP

During the early planning of the replacement hospital at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, RLF designers faced unique environmental site constraints and discovered that difficult challenges can sometimes present surprising opportunities. Spanning forty acres of densely wooded uplands, rolling hills and surrounding wetlands, the site, although beautiful to look at, was greatly impacted by its surroundings.